Rangoli on Geeta Mahotsav


Principal Message

We Are Providing Education By Experienced faculty

My school will always strive to develop a community where all children feel loved, respected and encouraged to develop their full capacity. The concept of Clean India, Healthy India, Educated India, Prosperous India and Strong India will remain the key issue. In order to keep the students healthy, the students will be encouraged to develop the habit of respecting every work for cleanliness at their homes, schools and the surrounding environment. Further Yoga and Pranayama classes will lead them remain fit and responsible individuals. The students will enjoy and learn and will be confident to achieve their full potential. My school will actively involve all the stake holders such as our parents, Teachers, officers, community members, leaders, best resources of the area for the development of the education of the students learning. Our school will provide congenial environment and opportunity to draw out of the best in various field through Science club, sports activities, NSS, Eco club, Legal Literacy clubs and art and culture club. Here Students will get opportunity to express themselves in Debate, Declamation, show their performance in visual art, Drawing Slogan writings. The Students will also be given opportunities to participate in quiz, create documentary and present their views through computer, power point Presentation. The students will learn through Tablets, Computers and advanced technology and smart class rooms. House system is also introduced to develop competition spirit among students. students will learn and develop their inner qualities such as expression, leadership qualities, Brotherhood, tolerance, kindness, honesty, discipline and respect for elders and affection for the little ones. School level magazine will allow students to express their feelings, showcase their talents and develop creative writing. These qualities will make the foundation of the strong and prosperous India. In this task, all my colleagues are extending their full cooperation in preparing their students like Yogiraj Shri Krishna like Arjun, their dear disciple. I have full faith that the students of my school will become the best citizens of their family and country by being dutiful and obedient and will contribute in enriching the country.



The students are regularly monitored though various activities in co-scholastic areas through clubs, co-curricular activities, sports etc. The school sports students bring honours in all sports.

Academic – Upper Primary with Secondary and Higher Secondary (1-12):

  •  Instruction Medium: Hindi/English
  •  Board for Class 10th State Board
  •  School Type: Co-educational
  •  Classes: From Class 1 to Class 12
  •  Board for Class 10+2 State Board
  •  Meal Provided but not Prepared in School Premises
  •  School Area: Rural
  •  Management: Department of Education

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